What will you learn?

  • Outcomes

    Learn the steps of writing a book, with a 3-step outlining process, and how to angle a book. Be aware of the hidden costs to self-publishing, as well as the many upsides.

  • Practical Tutorials

    Using both Jen's insider knowledge of designing and self-publishing a myriad of books... and on-screen tutorials... the course helps you understand the P.O.D. system, the Sales Distribution system, and preparing your book to industry standard.

  • Pre-Launch

    With a book business plan (template), be better prepared for the media, the budgeting, and your launch activities. Find out about Niche marketing and market attraction, with longer guides.

Course curriculum

You get 12 months' access

  1. 2
    • Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing

    • Create an Imprint... or Buy a Package?

    • Planning: Book Development Stages

    • Typical Costs of Book Production

  2. 3
    • Why plan your book?

    • Book Outlining - Brainstorming

    • Mind map your book

    • Refining Outline using a Template

    • Choose the Type of Book to Write

    • What is a Theme?

    • Find a Concept and Reader Research

    • Competitive Research and Keywords

    • Starting to Write

    • Hear writing methods and timeline suggestion

    • Fill out your Book Business Plan Template

    • Self-Editing your Book

    • What did you learn about writing a book?

  3. 4
  4. 5
    • Introducing Amazon Kindle

    • Researching Categories - Amazon

    • Printing your Books

    • Upload to KDP

    • Kindle Select

    • Do it Yourself ISBN adding

    • IngramSpark Account Creation

    • IngramSpark Title Set-up

    • Approve the Proof

    • Draft2Digital Tutorial

    • Set up Your Own Author Website

  5. 6
    • Copyright and Defamation

    • Legal Deposit and Pre-publication

  6. 7
    • Different Ways of Funding a Book

  7. 8
    • Pre-launch Planning

    • Brand and Market Attraction

    • Book Launch Plan

    • Engaging your Audience Pre- and Post-Launch

    • Adding Look Inside the Book

    • Amazon Author Central - Add a Review

    • Library Suppliers

    • What kind of website?

    • Book Distribution Places Outside the Norm

  8. 9
    • Revealing Truth in Creative Non-Fiction

    • Making a Media Kit

    • Brand and Marketing Attraction guide

    • Making a Book One-Sheet

    • The Niche Marketing & Book Guide

    • End of course survey

    • Target Audience and Marketing Plan

  9. 10
    • Book of Freelance Contacts

Bonus material

What juicy downloads are included?

  • The Niche Marketing & Book Guide

    A 39-page, large format guide, with inside tips for writing a good book, complementing the course material. If local, can be posted.

  • Market Attraction Guide

    This guide will help you form the base of your book as a business model, with a mind for offers, landing pages, etc. Written in plain English.

  • Media sheet

    Template (docx), with example of how a book media sheet should look. Helpful for sending to the media, to bloggers or others who need to know the fundamentals of your book.



Jennifer Lancaster

An educator, Jennifer Lancaster works with frustrated writers on how best to write, publish and angle their books. Jennifer has produced and edited many notable books, ranging from self-help to history, as well as written her own marketing and money books. She focused her insights and adventures in self-publishing into the lessons in Book Creation Success at Business Author Academy.